Inside Out: Joy!

If you’ve never seen Inside Out (or even if you have), Give this video a watch! It will give you a VERY brief intro to Joy, without any spoilers.

As you may have realized, having just gotten back from Florida, I’ve still got Disney on the brain. While on the trip I waited in a line for 35 minutes to meet Joy and Sadness from the movie Inside Out. They were adorable. Sadness ran and hid behind the cast members, Joy hugged me about three times. It was just an overall cute experience.

When I saw the preview for the movie Inside Out, I was angry. They had stolen my idea! Well not technically, but growing up I always told my brother there were little people who lived inside your head and they watched your life like it was a movie. So Inside Out seemed like a childhood tale coming true.

The movie itself is a heart-warming tale, but I’m going to focus on Joy. Joy isn’t actually my favorite character. In fact, I think Joy is kind of annoying, she’s just SO HAPPY ALL THE TIME. Which in retrospect just means she stays in character. The thing about Joy is, she’s the emotion in charge. She’s been there the longest, she runs the show. Which is awesome! It means that Riley (the girl in whose head Joy lives) is a generally happy and joyful human.

It’s interesting to me, these personifications of emotions. Joy is yellow, a color usually relating to happiness and sunshine. She his big bright eyes, and a wide happy smile. But you wouldn’t be able to say something like “Joy is annoying” if referring to the emotion you feel.

The emotion itself is most directly related to happiness. A single google image search brings up so many pictures of bright colors and people literally jumping for joy. The cool part is, even when we think all hope is lost there is the everlasting promise of joy returning.

Psalm 30:5 says, “For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but joy comes in the morning.” It is always possible for us to find joy again, even in the darkest of times the sun will shine another day.

Until next time,


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