Kindness at the misfortune of… Myself?

When I think about kindness my mind automatically goes to the nice things people have done for me. I’m quite blessed to have been surrounded with an incredible amount of genuinely kind people. Right now, that kindness is stemming from physical inabilities.

What I mean by this is that I currently have a broken leg. Yes, I was playing a game at camp and ended up fracturing my fibula. It’s displaced 2mm, and it’s very close to my ankle joint. It’s pretty uncomfortable, and admittedly very annoying. You see, I’m not the type of person who likes to have other people do things for them. It makes me feel lazy. However, when you’re physically incapable of most things, that makes this difficult.

So, I’ve had to ask a lot of people for help recently. Even more so than that, people have been very willing to help me without me even asking them. I think that’s a pretty solid way to view kindness. Kind people are the ones that go out of their way to do something because they genuinely care.

Think about that for a second in terms of God. God is so incredibly kind. Can you imagine someone being nice enough that they’d send their son to die for you. It breaks the scale. There is no greater act of kindness than God’s forgiveness for us through Jesus’ death.

Until next time,

p.s. I have to put a small disclaimer on this. I am on pain meds and am super tired so iff this doesn’t make total sense, that is why.

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