The Kindness of God

Currently I am sitting on my day off in a nice air conditioned room…at Toyota. Not starbucks, somewhere fun, or with food…nope, for the last 5 or so hours, I have been sitting waiting for my car to be fixed and wondering how on earth I am going to afford life. I am so tempted to say God is not kind right now, to be anxious about big unknowns, wanting food cause I am hangry, and wishing I could be anywhere else doing anything else. But I also sit here reminded of the many names of God, specifically ‘Jehovah Jireh,’ meaning God provides, and am convicted that even when life seems unkind, God’s kindness does not change. In fact, His kindness far surpasses my limited knowledge of the word.

I had the thoughts about the kindness of God going through my mind for a couple weeks now and have been challenging myself to see the kindness of God in the midst of some really hard trials, especially in this specific moment. At first it was incredible hard and it still is hard most days, but the more I prayed asking Jesus to show me Himself, the more I saw his kindness in life and also to me.

As I began praying to see Jesus more, I started realizing He was talking to me throughout my entire day and I was missing it because I was too focused on what is falling apart. I then started remembering different verses talking about just how kind God is…

Ephesians 2:6-7

And raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, so that in the coming ages he might show the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.

 This was the first verse that came to my mind and it’s one that has carried me through a lot recently. The absolute kindest thing God could ever do is adopt me into His family and call me His daughter, especially when all I have done is curse His name and lived following the prince of the sons of disobedience. Yet, because of the vast kindness in God’s character and love beyond all measures, He chose to make a way for me to no longer be a daughter of disobedience.

When I think about how I was adopted out of complete rebellion and scooped up into the arms of loving kindness, I am spurred on to love deeper, speak more kindly, and let my actions reflect those of my Savior.

Life right now seems unkind and even unfair, but when I dwell more on what God has done for me in His kindness, the less tempted I am see my circumstances as an indicator of God’s kindness toward me. So, sure, life has thrown more curve balls at me the last 4 months and I feel like I am drowning under piles of trials and hardship, but regardless of how I feel or what life looks like, God’s kindness remains constant and abundant.

My challenge to you is the same one I have had for myself, dwell on God’s kindness, not how kind you think life is treating you. Dwell on who you are in Christ, not what your circumstance says you are. Dwell on living out of God’s kindness to you and then pour it onto others.

Love you friends,


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