When Bad is Actually Good

Hey friends!

First of all, SO sorry this post is a couple days late. As you know, both Sarah and I work at summer camps and the past few weeks I had no real access to a computer with working wifi and my time has been incredibly limited. So, here is my post, late on a Saturday evening.

This past week I drove a little over 200 miles from one camp in WV to serve at my churches missions week back in PA. This is my second time helping at mission week and I knew from previous years that this week is quite possibly the hardest week of the summer…but this week was so much harder than I ever expected. Yet, in the bad times, ultimately it was all so, so good.

Brief explanation of mission week…we take our youth group to a camp that runs a day camp through an organization in a close by city. The kids who come to this camp come from incredibly hard backgrounds and their family life is usually messed up in ways most of us may never understand. Our youth become the kids counselors for about four hours during the day for a day camp program where we teach them about Jesus, play games, have free time, and simply invest time and love into the kiddos. Once the kids leave, we continue the week with a regular summer camp for our youth. I hope that made sense.

Camp life is beyond exhausting on every level. This past week was my fifth week working in a camp environment and it was the absolute hardest seven days of my life. But they were also some of the best. I’m beginning to see that the bad times in life are actually really good. Between putting out fire after fire, solving conflicts, leading discussion groups when my cup is on E, and fighting alongside the highs and lows of camp life with youth and leaders, I could easily say this was at times a bad week. But it was actually one of the best weeks because I was stretched into a place of utter dependence on God and relied on prayer to make it through each day.

I wish I had a more lengthly post to tease this out more, but alas, it’ll have to wait until next post. For now, know that your bad days are actually good because God works all things for our good.


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