You Are Faithful



This word has meant more to me this summer than I think I realize. If you have ever spent more than a couple days working at a camp, it comes as no surprise when you hear story after story of things not going as planned. Daily plot twists ought to be expected, yet I am always caught off guard when things do not go according to whatever was planned.

This summer was not at all what I expected. That’s not to say it has not been good, but it’s been far harder, far more straining, far more difficult than any summer prior. There are many reasons for this, some my fault, other reasons are circumstances outside of my control. But needless to say, one thing has always remained…God has always been faithful to meet me wherever I am. Whether I am curled in a ball sobbing my eyes out because of a mental breakdown or laughing with fellow chiefs as we link arms and serve at camp, never once has God left my side.

I am learning that He is always faithful. I am learning in the moments where I believe life is falling apart, He is simply rearranging my life puzzle to fit His plan for me. I am learning when expectations fall short, God does not love me less or leave me hanging…He is still there. His faithfulness is not contingent on my ability to perform in life. I am learning to live out of God’s faithfulness because that is where the most peace comes from.

This is another short post, but I hope and pray wherever you find yourself today, that you see God’s faithfulness to you.

Love you friends,